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Kids Can Serve Their World

I don’t have many clear, vivid memories from my childhood. Sure, I remember things like enjoying riding my bike through my neighborhood, or the anticipation every Christmas of opening gifts. But, as for clear, detailed memories, I just don’t have many.

But the ones I do have are pretty special.

I remember very clearly how Ms. Lilian Larkins, with the aid of my parents, walked very slowly down her sidewalk. Ms. Lillian was an elderly woman, who didn’t drive, and depended on my family to deliver her to church events, doctor appointments, and an occasional trip to the beautician.

I remember clearly sitting in the kitchen of the little parsonage where my father pastored, sorting apples, oranges, and candy canes into little brown bags to distribute to the elderly and poor in our church for the holidays.

And I remember clearly, as a boy, watching and assisting my father as he prepared meals for a dying young man from our congregation who had contracted HIV/AIDS.

Why do I believe that these moments stand out among all the others of my childhood? Surely, it’s because my parents invited me into sacred but simple moments of serving others.

I believe kids can serve! Teaching our children to serve creates a new dimension to their spiritual life. They realize that everything is not about them!

But beyond simply serving others, service helps our children experience an important aspect of discipleship. It is about serving God and bringing glory to His name by reaching out to others.  Jesus made it very clear that when do something for others, we are really doing it for Him!

Kids can serve their home, their church, their community, and their world.

The above were a portion of comments made during the livestream of Global Serve Day 2020. For ideas fro connecting your kids to service opportunities, visit the International Children’s Ministries website or our KidServe Facebook page.

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