The Praying Church

The following prayer outline was published in the January 2016 issue of the White Wing Messenger:

Jesus said, “My house will be called a house of prayer” (Matthew 21:13 NIV). Scripture tells us that the early church was “devoted to prayer” (Acts 1:14, 2:42, 6:4). It is the desire of the Father that every church today be the same.

Becoming a people devoted to prayer requires more than programs and good intentions. It requires a faithful, intentional obedience in seeking the Father daily.

This month, we invite you to join us daily as we petition that the Father that our churches would be “houses of prayer” and that as individuals we would be devoted to prayer.

Prayer Directives

  • Thank the Father for his ability and readiness to give, guide, and respond in response to our prayers (Matthew 7:7-8).
  • Confess for yourself or your church any lack of devotion to prayer. Ask God to help your church and its leaders be devoted to or “diligently occupied with” prayer (Colossians 4:2, Acts 1:14, Acts 2:42, Acts 6:4).
  • Ask God to help your church family pray as the needs arise, spontaneously, and to cover everything in prayer (Ephesians 6:8).
  • Ask God to make you alert to needs in your church family and to “keep on praying continually” for all members of your church family (Ephesians 6:8).
  • Ask the Father to help you and your church to pray as Jesus urged your to pray—continually asking, seeking, and knocking (Matthew 7:7-8).
  • Pray for power and wisdom to know the “greater things” the Father wants you and your church to do for Him (John 14:12-14).
  • Ask the Father to help you see beyond just personal needs and to focus on kingdom concerns (John 14:12-14).
  • Pray that your church will pray faithfully and powerfully for your city, community, nation, and leaders (1 Timothy 2:1-2).
  • Pray for your pastor and ministry leaders (Romans 15:30)
  • Thank that the “hearts desire” of your church would be to pray for the unsaved and that He would give your church practical opportunities reach out to your community. ( Romans 10:1, 1 Timothy 2:1,3,4).

Additional Prayer Resources



  • A House of Prayer: The Power of Praying in Community, by Tom Steagald (UPPER ROOM, ISBN 0835813215)
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